Handmade Wood Furniture Built to Last for Generations

Our Story:

    The story of these little chairs began with the birth of our first grandchild.  We spend a lot of time outside on our front porch and we wanted to provide a child size sitting area for our new grandchild and those yet to come. 

  After raising three children, we knew how hard it was to find quality outdoor furniture for the little ones.   I don’t know how much money we wasted on outdoor furniture for our kids when they were growing up.  We found most things only lasted one season and needed to be replaced. 

   We didn’t want to make that mistake again so G-Pa Finn made two small stout wooden chairs and a small wooden table for our grandchildren to grow on.  It gave our g-kids a place to sit on the porch among the adults that was their size and sturdy.   Even as they got bigger, they used the little chairs and table. 

  Seven grandchildren later plus extended family and friends, I can only describe the survival of this little set as miraculous.  The set was used to eat on, do homework, read, color, and blow bubbles.  They were also dropped off the porch, stacked, hung in a tree, and used to make forts.  They have been used under sprinklers and in the wading pool.  They have been turned over, climbed on, stood on…

  They were happy times on Happy Chairs!

Thanks for your interest...Gail Finn