Handmade Wood Furniture Built to Last for Generations
  • Custom Order for Team Tezeh

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    Custom Order for Team Tazeh

    •          Handmade 2 Adult Chairs and a Team Tezeh Bench

    •          Dark Walnut Stain

    •          Engraved and Painted Art Panel with embellishment as pictured and approved

    •          Solid Wood, Strong and Stable

    •          Outdoor / Indoor

    •          Marine Varnish

    •          Assembly Required, Items to be shipped in Two Pieces

    •            59” welcome sign with butterflies as pictured

    1.  Custom bench as described to include:

       A.  measurements 48”w x 32”h x  18”d  with seat height 15”

       B.  engraved and painted white lettering “Team Tazeh” with embellishments as pictured and approved on the top horizontal panel

       C.  price… 720.00  (748.00 -28.00 shipping credit)


    2.  Adult chairs as described to include:

      A.  measurements 36”h x 27.5”w x 25.5”d  with seat height 16” seat area 21.5”w x 16.5 d

      B.  3 engraved and painted sunflowers as pictured

      C.  price each… 518.00

    3.  59” welcome sign raw timber rare wood Port Orford Cedar as pictured

      A.  ships in one piece

      B.  price… 246.00