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  • Yard Art Vertical Timber Raw Edge Welcome Sign, Front Porch or Business Entry, Engraved & Painted, Rare Wood

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    Made from rare Port Orford cedar raw edge wood, this welcome sign will make a cheerful greeting for family and friends. Display on the porch, business entry or as yard art.

                Stained and finished with two coats of marine varnish for a long lasting resistance to moisture and UV rays, it will do                  very well outdoors.

    The lettering is hand carved and painted with exterior paint.

    Made with the outer surface cut of the tree truck, the back is naturally rounded and the bark is removed.

                This welcome sign is made to stand in a leaning position.  You can add hanging hardware if you like.

    Measures approximately 36"h x 12"w x 3"d

     Port Orford cedar is so named because it was first discovered near Port Orford in Oregon in the early 1800’s.  Also known as ginger cedar or Lawson cedar, Port Orford cedar is a hidden gem in the realm of strong, lightweight, rot resistant timber.

     Due to the limited growing range, Port Orford cedar’s demand usually exceeds its supply.

     Port Orford cedar's native range is limited to southwest Oregon and northwest California.  The coast mountains of Oregon's Coos and Curry counties have the largest stands of Port Orford cedar.